The FitBit Aria and Flex Review

It has been a week since I started using the FitBit Aria and Flex. I got them both as birthday presents (thanks Palkan!), and I’ve been pleased as punch since.

Thanks to the Flex, I am now tracking my vitals on a daily basis for the first time in my life! It throws up so many interesting data points! E.g. I now know I get roughly 6.5 hours of sleep daily. On the week days, I walk upwards of 11,000 steps and on the weekends, I need to make an effort to reach about 5,000 steps.

The stat I am most kicked about is the ability to track sleep. I think it is the most important of the lot for me, as I am a very light sleeper and don’t sleep enough on most days.

After a week of using the Flex, I think it has brought about a sense of competitiveness in me to become more active and push my physical limits. I guess I need to start sleeping earlier too.

I am still looking for an app which lets me logs the food I eat and that plays well with the FitBit dashboard. This will help me map how many calories go in versus how many calories are burnt. I know Paleo doesn’t advocate this, but I think it will be a good approximation to measure over a period of time. I can then go on and map this with the amount of fat am losing to measure my body’s metabolic efficiency.

Using the Aria has been a bit of a hit-and-miss for me. For one, it doesn’t always sync over the WiFi and the other bad news is it will give you different weight/fat readings even if you weigh yourself repeatedly in succession. That said, am not too bothered as I know these numbers are not cannon and only approximations that one should refer to as guiding markers.

Overall, I am glad with both and happy to use them in tandem to know where I stand on my personal wellness scale.

Bonus: Here are my stats from the first week of usage…


Calories Burned

Very Active Minutes

Total Steps Taken


Do you use any apps/tools to track your body vitals? Let’s talk more about this in the comments below.


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