The Phoney Story!

Of late I have been very dissatisfied with my N73. THe phone seems unresponsive and sluggish and dowright boring to use. I dont think the solution is to get full-fledged GPRS because I never had that on my K750i and inspite of that I absolutely loved my phone. Backing-up content on the K750i was such a breeze. Its a pity there is nothing even remotely similar to MyPhoneExplorer in the Nokia realm. I know of the PC Suite but seriously.. its just too heavy and really is a total memory hog. Even after I have closed it, I can see orphan memory processes leeching RAM in the background.

Being so throughly dissatisfied with the N73, I am now updating it to the latest firmware to check if the UI becomes more responsive after the upgrade. I’ve read that with the new upgrade there are a few regressions in functionality but that is something I am willing to live with.

If this doesn’t help, I shall go back to using the K750i. I promise. I checked the latest version of MyPhoneExplorer last night and apparently, it syncs the addressbook with Gmail!!! FREAKING AWESOME! Another incentive to switch… I guess I just had really high hopes from the N73. Sigh!


  1. I had similar issues with another model. Hope you get your phone soon. But i have heard that k750 is a superb phone, you never know what new will you like in there.

    Found your blog through blogadda from a link. write often!

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