Beautiful Bombay

Ok, so i guess now is the time to do a real post about Bombay.. Am in the office early today and since there is no one around i think I’ll start off..

Hmm.. Bombay.. Where do i start? I’ve now spent a week and 2 days (to be exact) away from ‘namma Bangalooru’ and this place seems like a beehive to me! Its HOT out here.. morning-afternoon-night every single moment of your living life.. guess you get used to it after sometime.. the pollution on the roads is killing, travelling 50km to and fro from office is not helping either. On the bright side, people in the office are just fantastic! There is much to learn and so much to do.. Its a whole new ballgame out here.. Everyone seems to be onto the bittorrent thingy and i finally feel like i belong in a place.. Thank god for that..

One peculiarity i have noticed about Bombay’s roads are their roads.. no, dint get me wrong here, am not complaining.. the roads are smooth.. some are an absolute joy to ride on, but you have these manholes all over the place on the road, beautifully encrusted deep into the road, they act like Bombay’s very own and distinct potholes! Sometimes they are so deep into the road that they almost look like a crater from afar.. lol

The weekend was good! I was off to Matheran 😉 Its a fantastic place.. loads of trees and horses all around.. covered the entire place on horse back.. it was fun. Cant say that about the company though, I was with Hu and Al, who were accompanied by their fiance and gf respectively. Thank god I had my mp3 player with me! Speaking of which i need to desperately change the songs on it.. Atif Aslam is good, but i can only stand so much of him.. time to revert back to my genre 🙂

I thought I’d miss my family a lot but come to think of it, i don’t.. technology is a wonderful tool.. I talk to em every single day and its great.. I think if i shift to staying independently, then i probably will start missing them.. only time will tell.

Will post some snaps soon.. until then.. sayonara!

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