Bless thy P2P software

Today will be a very busy day.. its wednesday.. reports, reports, reports await me.. The bright side of lookin at this is that everytime i use excel i learn something new !! Its one hell of a neat software !!


Downloaded the video of ‘Criag David – Seven Days’, its not tht good.. i’d rather listen to the song than see the video.. (yeah, these days am on video downloadin trip, i’ve graduated from ‘listening to music’ to ‘watching the video of the song i wanna listen to’.. unfortunately, thts not proving too good for my hard disk !!) Peeps to the bright minded ppl who thought of P2P and file sharing programs !! May their tribe prosper !!!


Yeah RIAA, sue me for this blog entry !!! No no no.. jus kiddin


Will upload a few snaps today.. ciao mano !!!

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