Busy Busy Busy

Yeah, thts what i’ve been all this week.. too much to do and to little time.. the only time i get these days is on the weekends.. earlier, i used to spend them on the comp at home, making walls, posting on the forums etc.. now with every given oppurtunity, i find myself running away from the city on the bike.. last week i went to nandi hills (i was just 4 days old on the bike.. lol) I seemed to have clocked 500km in a week, so on this saturday, will go to get the bike serviced.. hope they do a good job of it.


Everyone wants to watch ‘the davinci code‘ but am really not interested.. u see, it’ll ruin the way i picture the characters in my mind.. i normally avoid seeing movie remakes of novels.. I’d rather read the novel..


Alright enough of the gyaan session.. au revoir.

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