Crazy Reports

Just read the news online.. so a MAJOR air disaster was averted… bah.. i think its a conspiracy.. if you look at it, of late we always see stuff like this permeating thru our news channels.. words like ‘breaking news’, ‘TERROR’, ‘horror’ etc are a regular part of our daily news these days.. they jus increase panic levels in readers. We are encouraging our youngsters everyday to read the news and watch news channels to improve their english and increase their vocabulary.. tht in my opinion is bullshit !!! I see some of the worst english speaking news reporters on NDTV itself !!! So much for increasing your vocabulary.. If you look at the US Homeland Security policy, you will notice that they arbitrarily increase their threat perception levels !! They move it to amber or red whenever they want to and say to the public that they have intelligence reports on terror. Please show me proof Mr. President.


Another intriguing aspect of the way our news is reported to us is that we now have news tickers that report any news that happens anywhere in the world to all news related companies, be it print or electronic media, and this news normally comes delivered from reuters.. what that essentially means is that someone can effectively control news propaganda around the world !! Another surprising aspect is that most of the news companies are controlled by a consoritorium of millionaires around the world !!! Eg : Sky, Star and Channel9 are all controlled by Rupert Murdoch.. u finally start to see the big picture now, dont you 🙂


I believe that this is just propaganda to justify USA and UK’s illegal occupation of Iraq. Period.


Dont bother about these reports.. they are IMHO fake !!

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