Daily Muse

The weekend was fun… i had a good time and i shall spare you the details. Dad was in town so caught up with him.

What am really excited aboiut today is that Google is rumoured to announce its gPhone in a few hours and the rumour mill has it that Airtel is also in its group of carriers which will support the gPhone… I cant hardly wait! I hope to come back tomorrow and have my RSS reader filled with posts about the gPhone announcement!

Apart from that, today has been an ok-ok day. Have spent most of the day searching for an entertainment web site and havent got anything yet. Apart from that, been chatting with a whole lot of people. Caught Rama Maam online today and chatted with her for like half hour! It felt good!

Got work to do, so i shall shoo (yeah yeah.. bad ending, i know!)

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