India Won !!!

Not updated this place in sometime now.. hmm.. Lots has happened.. i’ve been picked to be a multiskilled trainer for my company (tht means i’ll learn everything there is to learn about my company), seen a few movies and also reading a pretty neat book called Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.. its pretty cool..

Saw a story on NDTV the other day about the sex trade rising in pondicherry !! damn !! now i cant even tell ppl tht i went to pondi without them raising an eyebrow !! this sort of thing always happens to me. When i went to goa sometime back, there were articles in the paper that pedophile trfficking was high in goa !!! Damn !!!



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India one the Hutch Cup !!! yay !! awesome job boys !! keep the super job going.. i wish i could say the same about our juniors (who at the time of writing this, look to be loosing) but all credit goes to those pak youngsters who are swinging the ball like a boomerang rite now !!! Coming back to the Indian seniors.. man, they r jus looking sooo gud rite now and with dhoni out there its jus getting so much more better.. i like the guy, he has so much spunk in him, couple that with solid aggression and the ‘never say die’ attitude and you have the potential of a match winner !!!



Browser Wars : Part 3

Opera is by far the best browser out there !!! i mean, it loads webpages SHIT fast !!! its very light and has all the features required by an alternate browser !! its most amazin feature is its customisation ability !! Its kicks firefox’s ass in this department !!! u can put up an individual toolbar with ONLY the buttons u want and remove everything else on the browser !! One more feature i like is its rss feed aggregator.. pretty cool !! apart from that u have the magic wand feature and also the mouse gestures.. all in all (AFAIK) this is the est browser out there.. PERIOD.

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