Memorable monday

The weekend was FAB! I love sitting around doing nothing.. goofing off in general is fantastic. It was Za’s (she is my cousin’s fiancee) budday yesterday and were at her place for most part of da day! It was fun! Finally some interaction.. else i just go around riding from one place to the other feeling like a sheep in a herd, following everyone!

I may shift to airtel.. hutch eez expensive! That means u’ll have to update my number.. again.. yes.. sigh!

Office is fantastic, no work right now.. all i did was browse the net the whole day today and got bored in general. Ad called, says he’s in Goa till day after tom. That means i have the whole house to myself again! yippie! This is sooooo strange.. We both never seem be in the house together! hehe.. (no pun intended!)

Kh is fun! Thanks for all da msging and banter! 🙂

Mailed Hu today about some plans that i had.. he still hasnt replied.. i still have second thoughts about it but then you have to give it a shot sometimes.. i told him to reply urgently but he still hasnt. By next yr june.. i’ll have things worked out for my plan to commence in action 🙂 Either way, it should be over soon.. whether he wants to be a part of it or not!

Chatted wid AnG,Pr and Shanks also. They are all doing fine.. Its raining cats and dogs in bangalore apparently.. i can only wish for rains out here!

Am just in the happy-happy-joy-joy mood right now! Adios people!

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