Same fart, same shit

Yep.. this is the lady who won the Miss Universe 2007 pageant.. Miss Riyo Mori from Japan. I know one guy who’d be very happy with the results 😉 I saw her accepting the crown etc. on youtube and frankly, the aish-sush pose seems to have become the standard these-days in the miss uni prize distribution ceremony!

It rained last night! Finally! 🙂 The bad part about it is that I didn’t even realise it was raining.. i am a light sleeper but this is ridiculous! I should woken up! But i was happily dreaming.. 🙂

Another day begins today and am frantically searching for story ideas now.. goofed off too much yesterday i guess.. lol.. time to be efficient!

Installed Win XP yesterday and it overwrote the MBR directory in the boot sector, so i couldn’t log into linux again! It took some tweaking and playing around with the MBR directory to get dual boot setup.. that took up half a day but it was well worth it.

This is exactly why i love this place! They give you a free hand at doing what you want and exploring your interests.. as long as you meet deadlines! I love it here! Its grand!

I have to go to my aunts place on thursday, I have been invited for dinner.. so looking forward to that too. The maid didnt come yesterday also! I hope she does today else i’ll have to wonder what i have to wear tomorrow! So many clothes to wash! looks like a small mountain at home! I feel bad for her, but serves her right for bunking so much!


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