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Sorry for being such a prize idiot and not posting anything about the new phone.. so here is me, (doing a horrid job at) making amends:

Ok, first things first.. was able to fix that flashing lights problem.. u have to switch off the Sleep mode. The light is just an (un)frendly way to let you know that the phone is still on and working. DUH! I want to save on battery life, so i havent switched off the Sleep more. I guess i’ll jus pull out the LED if i get totally irritated with the phone light flashing continously in the middle of the night!

Updated the phone’s OS, check picture:

This new firmware has the following advantages over its predecessor:

N73 ME RM-133 4.0727.2.2.1
New features:
– FOTA (Flashing Over The Air)
– Bluetooth Stereo
– A2DP Support
– Dial-up over IR
– Lifetimer Reset for reflashed phones
– Vibra Boot notification
– Configurable Flash setting function for Camera
– Secure Formatter with TCB and All-Files capabilities
– N Series Music Player replaces S60 Music Player
– Online Album included
– Active Standby + UI Grid layout + application locations changed in-line
with Pre-Space UI layout.

Removed features:
– Snakes

– Weather Deck wording alignement
– Spurious “Out of Memory” indications
– Icons and text in Application Shell
– Icon in “Catalogs”
– Folder validity updates
– Alarm clock function, when handset is turned off
– Active Standby Shortcut 6 function
– Quick Office “Save” options
– Bluetooth search “Searching for Devices”
– Camera can not be launched if RAM is low.
– Music player – Indicator appears on the idle state background, after
saving a music track
– Phone reboots if wrong memory card password is entered
– Memory card details are not read correctly if the card is locked by DUV
– Tutorial – Occasional malfunction
– Music player starts when BT stereo headset is switched OFF
– Unable to create FOTA Server profile
– “System Error” occurs when trying to synchronize after restoring the
backed up info.
– “App. Closed: Device manager” is detected after exiting from New
server profile view.
– Gallery crashes or phone reboots when moving rocker after making a
new album in gallery
– Long name for messaging settings makes messaging unusable
– Online Print improvement.
– Streaming improment for H3G

So there, now i can finally exit out of tht annoying music player and ensure that its not running in the background! The update also gives me A2DP support.. woot!!

I was going through my social networking profiles everywhere and i just realised that i have more relatives than friends on my “friend-list”. Just goes to show how social I have been in the last few months.. Pretty depressing. LOL

Back to the phone, the cam great so i wont harp over it, the battery life however leaves much to be desired. I mean if you cant hold a full charge for 3 days whats the point? I know 3 days is expecting a lot but am not a novice user. I have optimial settings in place like keeping the brightness of the screen very low, not running any apps in the background and going into sleep mode after a min, so there.. inspite of that, if the phone cant keep a charge for 3 days its pathetic! Guess i’ll have to resort to taking my charger everywhere with me.

At this rate, my “outgoing bag” (as i like to call it), will contain a phone charger, a mmc card reader, the MP3 player, data cables for the phone and MP3 player,my 80 gig portable HD and finally cds. Gosh.. thts some list there.. heh.

Took some snaps with the phone over the last few days, they are online. You know where to find em 🙂

Nothing else to write.. will post more as the weekend progresses..


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