New findings!

Sorry for the inordinate delay in between posts.. work load in the office has increased.. Stayed in the new house all by myself yesterday.. its freaky. Never felt so lonely and alone in my life! Its a nice place and all, just that it can get can down right miserable when there is nothing to do. Feels like ur in a village.. no tv, no computer, no internet, indian style loo (pst.. u know who u r.. rofl) and ofcourse the very impersonal feeling of going back to the ‘house’ and not home! Now i know why the PG guys normally stay back for longer durations of time in the office. When i was in bangalore, i jus didnt understand why someone would stay voluntarily in the office for so long.. i guess i know now. Spent yesterday exploring the surrounding places. Found a new ‘shortcut’ route to the office. Now its only 4km away! Yippie! So much monies saved on fuel expenses!

Check out the snaps of the new place:

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