the trip

Hi all !!!


Finally back from the trip and i must say that Kemmangundi is one of the most beautiful places on earth i have been to yet !! I love the mountains and the isolation and to go to such a place where even drinking water is hard to find is just fantastic !! The highlight of the whole trip was the trek to Abbey falls. 8 kms of walking over a mountain to reach the falls.. absolutely thrilling 🙂 The food was ok-ok but that’s alrite, i guess you dont really mind when the view is so good (no pun intended). Another good part of the trip was the lodge we were staying in.. Very cheap stay and best of all was that we had a bon-fire in the night 🙂


I guess if we would have stayed on for another day, we’d all be in wheelchairs rite now.. hehe.. its nice to feel stretched with your calf muscles screaming out with every step you take.. being able to endure the same and push your limits is fun.


Yesterday was a very lazy day.. did nothing particularly important yesterday apart from finishing the process documentation i had started (phew, thank god for tht, i though tht’d never get over !!)

Oh btw, just finished uploading all the trip snaps on, i wish someone made a widget for it, uploading snaps would become so convenient then.


Have to plan on content for the refresher training today.


— Sayonara

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