What the heck happened to Asfaq’s 2009 resolutions?


Last year I did something different – I put my New Year resolutions up for everyone to see. Before we head off into the holidays, here is a little soul searching exercise from me to see if I have stayed on course or faltered.

Move the Blog to WP:  CHECK. Heck, now I have 2 blogs!! This one is my personal blog and the one at www.Asfaq.com is the more serious type that talks of internet advertising from an Indian perspective.

Get back in shape: Yeah… well… I’ll reach my destination next year. Atleast I lost weight and feel lighter. Six-pack abs soon, mother promise.

Post Regularly: I realised pretty quickly that I didn’t want to get into the rat race of posting as soon as an update came in. I felt like a hamster running in a wheel – and I didn’t want that. I think this pace of updates is good.

Stop Procrastinating: CHECK.

Stop being Uncle Scrooge: CHECK CHECK!

Work Harder: CHECK.

Super-Secret Project: The @E71 and @AndroidTalk twitter ids happened, but they still weren’t the Super-Secret Project. The opportunity is lost now, and maybe I can help the others scale their project.

Get a Life: CHECK CHECK CHECK!!! Been partying too much this year. Now I know what ‘budgetary constrains’ means. I have made some really wonderful friends this year and had loads of fun with my old friends too. Thank you.

Write Poetry: Wrote a grand total of 2 poems in 365 days. Turns out they were so shitty, I didn’t write another poem again. Maybe I will write again, maybe I won’t… depends. No pressure this time because it just pisses me off then.

Re-learn Marathi: Need to get working on this.

Not too bad of a year, I’d say. There were some significant gains and misses, but things are so much better now that I can’t wait for next year. Stay tuned for my New Year resolutions for 2010.

Till then, here is wishing you and yours a very happy holidays 🙂

Much love


  1. Can help you in re-learning marathi … and can help in global cause by not allowing you to follow that diet to be skinny 😉

  2. Thanks.. I’ll take you up on your offer. Also, am not gonna go on any special diet. Just regulate what I eat!

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