Another update… Yippie!

Yawn.. another day at work. The reason I am yawning is not because I am bored… I just wrote a 7500 word article! Holy-fricking-blimey me!!! I managed to stay awake the whole night and finish it.. Went home by 6am and returned back to work by 10:40am. Right now I feel completely blank and zonked. Its like my brain is hybernating… Damn.. I feel like am a bit tipsy, I should do this more often… lol.

On a more grim note, i found out yesterdat that Airtel Live! is no more free browsing. The morAns charge you 10p per 1KB that you download… :'( I was sooo hoping to rip them off this month. Thats when I realised that my balance was mysteriously getting reduced…

I have been fasting too.. I know, most you are already dead by now with astonishment by for the ones who are alive, let me tell you that i’ve missed out on just 5 fasts this Ramzaan! w00t !!

Just read fatty’s blog and the boy seem to be going through the initial euphoria of being alone and getting used to this new found freedom. I bet he’ll start missing Bangy in half a year’s time… maybe sooner (knowing him). I guess people ask the same stupid questions to everyone who is shifting or relocating. “Are you missing me?”, most of the time I feel like saying, “no”, cuz seriously I dont know or I dont care for the person enough. There have been very few times when I have said, “yes, i do miss you” and mostly the people that that i miss know about it, so dont ask any which ways.

Nothing else to write about. Gotta start working again in an hour’s time.. this break has been long enough already!

Peace out!

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  1. just to add to asfaq’s little post….”Fatty” would be mathew, thats me, and for those of you who just happen to know me and want to read my blog the address is…..Asfaq being the useless idiot that he is and even more so during the holy month forgets to put up links or anything he will say go and read it and no one will ever know where to go

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