So here I am blogging after almost a week of inactivity. What was I doing you ask? I was getting well.. the recovery took longer than I had anticipated but all is well now though I still feel slightly weak. Going to Matheran over the weekend and that has kept me counting the days this week.. another 2 days left 🙂 Kh is also coming so am hoping that this trip will be MUCH better than the last.

Looking for newer avenues to earn money now. I want to be able to become a freelancer pronto. What this means is that I’ll have to get some serious research into how I plan to go solo. In the meantime work continues as normal!

Life at the moment is a limbo and i fear I’ll become a drone at this rate. My routine everyday has pretty much become static! I wake up in the morning, take clothes which were put out for drying yesterday and fold em, have a bath, get ready and head to the hotel to have breakfast. Head to work and return back home. The cycle continues again the next morning. The only saving grace is the constant bouts of messaging throughout the day and night. I must confess, I must not have messaged anyone SO MUCH! Thank god for it though else I would totally and utterly homesick! Not that I am not homesick already.. I just miss everyone and everything SO very much that am planning on going back to stay with my relatives again! To hell with staying alone. The solitude is killing!

I feel much better having written this entry today 🙂

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