It'll be hectic today.. i swear!

I HAVE TO be there at my aunts place today, that means i have to be outta office by 6. That means the editor has to be extremely kind and if he’s not then i have to be extremely efficient and finish everything by 6 today! Not impossible.. worth a shot!

Spoke to Kh for nearly an 1.5 hours yesterday! I’m gradually moving from msging to calling ppl up. Bombay does not give you the liberty of 100 free sms everyday! sigh! Felt nice.. Ad was out yesterday so it was really boring at home, thts when i said ‘wat da heck’ and called Kh.. the battery went dead in the middle but thank god for the charger.. this month looks like a ‘heavy bill’ month again. So much for financial planning and budgeting.

Ok, gotta get back to work and be super efficient!


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