Saturday Summary

So Saturday didn’t exactly turn out to be as exciting as it promised to be.. Met Sav-man after ages! He has changed, he was always a mad genius.. this time around he felt more refined. Like a perfectly cut diamond, picked from a stone quarry, now on display in the poshest diamond store on earth! Bless you Sav-man. Hope to meet you again!

Had lunch at KFC with him and sure as hell, it was worth every minute of it. The KFC Bucket complimenting the palette, it was catching up on ‘ol times with a grin across your face 🙂

Didn’t meet Z today though. She got her offer letter and by then i was back home. Its so confusing with her. I still have to get used to the fact that she is going around with someone else. Why do I have to be so stuck up about it? Moreover, she isn’t helping either by being aloof, ignoring me or just being plain rude. Why does she have to be so nice and caring all the time? doesn’t she understand that its just making things harder for me? I like to think that am good with the ladies but i guess Sav-man was right, I have some work to do in that department. I keep telling myself that its a crush and I’ll get over it but the point is when? how long will this take? what do i do in the meantime? Shit, the last few lines make me look like am some manic depressive lover! LOL.. Am not even remotely close. I like to call it the ‘bizarre phase’ of my life. I like this girl, would love to love her but she is already taken. So i try my hardest, darn est best to appear ‘normal’ around her. Life can be such a bitch sometimes!

Samir mailed back today (some fantastic turn-around-time i must admit!). Sounds like a nice guy, down to earth and decent, I’ve been deceived in the past so lets just hold our horses for the moment and leave the judgement for later until the niceties are over and done with.

Meeting Sheebs tom by 12:00 hrs. Prawn curry and rice, here i come! 😀

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